TLH Spreadsheet: Why It Is Useful For Serious Investors

Sundial Bridge in Redding, California

Sundial Bridge in Redding, California

Platinum members new to ITA Wealth Management should not overlook the power of the TLH Spreadsheet.  Successful investing is all about portfolio planning, construction, and monitoring.  The TLH Spreadsheet is an aid in all three categories.  Here are the benefits investors derive when using this Excel™ portfolio tracking spreadsheet.

1. Construction and ease of tracking a Strategic Asset Allocation plan.

2. Data table that shows how many shares of a particular ETF are required to bring the asset class back into balance.

3. Ability to establish variable asset target bands.

4. Correct calculation of Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for both portfolio and several benchmarks.

5. Option to build customized benchmark.

6. The option to track three risk monitoring ratios.  They are:  Information Ratio, Sortino Ratio, and Retirement Ratio.

7. Automatic updating of price data.

Camtasia audio/video helps are available to help interested users gain comfort with the TLH Spreadsheet.  Model portfolios (10) are available to Platinum members.


  1. Charles Crane says

    I have not started using mine. Not sure how to ‘blank it out’ and start fresh. What if I already have a portfolio going… just input the current shares with an arbitrary starting date ?

    I need to find the Camtasia videos on the TLH and watch them.

  2. Florence Hu says

    Thank you for the TLH Spreadsheet. After reading parts one through nine of the Feynman Study, I am using the weighted Momentum Max4 approach, with weightings attempting to use Appendix 15 as a model (43%, 32%, 17% and 8% respectively). Time will show how well the portfolio performs.
    Is there a circumstance when it is preferable to move money into cash?

    Thank you in advance!

    • says


      Good to see a comment from you. The reason it did not appear immediately is due to the setting that I must approve your very first message. This is done to reduce spam.

      I hope you will keep us informed of your results.

      As for moving to cash: If there are fewer than four ETFs recommended, the fourth investment will go to SHY or cash. If only one ETF is recommended, then the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th portions will go to SHY or cash. At least that is my understandings of how this method works.


  3. Wade Faulk says

    Hi Lowell,

    Can you please send a Gauss SS to me? I am having problems with mine. I think I’ll just try and rebuild my portfolio from the beginning.

    Thank You,