Current ETF Rankings Showing Some Shakeups

Here is the replacement table that was deleted when I changed Editors.

ETF Rankings This list remains somewhat the same at least the rankings, but note what is happening in the 13-Day EMA column.  We are beginning to see red which indicates the price of the ETF is priced below its 13-Day EMA.  The “Golden Cross” or column X/O is still green indicating the 13-Day EMA is still priced above its 49-Day EMA.  This is no time to panic.






  1. Len Suelter says

    A very nice picture.   I have a question.  I cannot find the links to some of the other bloggers and Charts.  Are they gone or is it simply that I can't find them?

    Hope all is well with you.  This riding the top of the curve is a bit unsettling; still reluctant to hop off!


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