Galileo Review: 31 July 2014

We are in the "Dog Days" of summer and the market is taking a hit this morning.  I suppose the economic news is too good so the market corrects.  Since I pay little attention to investment news, other than the price of a list of ETFs, let's … [Read more]

Preparing for the Newton Update

Tomorrow is the day for the Newton Portfolio update so I did a little pre-review work by setting a number of Trailing Stop Loss Orders at 1% and 2%.  The idea is to reduce the number of holdings in Newton and concentrate on the ETFs recommended in … [Read more]

The Asset Allocation Hoax

Prominent asset allocation critic, William Jahnke, titled his 1997 attack on the Brinson et. al. (BHB) papers, “The Asset Allocation Hoax.” Jahnke’s criticisms of the two papers are many. He argues the authors do not focus on the proper problem, they … [Read more]