Maxwell Review: 2 September 2014

The first portfolio up for review in September is the Maxwell, a simple portfolio that currently consists of BND, PCY, VTI, VYM, VWO, RWX, and VNQ.  Normally VEA would also be in the mix but VEA is currently trailing SHY.  See this ETF ranking list … [Read more]

ETF Rankings for New Week

In preparation for the markets to open tomorrow, here is the current ETF rankings table. In the last few days I sold BWX, VSS, and VEA out of a number of portfolios.  Note that all ETFs under-performing SHY have negative absolute acceleration … [Read more]

Momentum Performance Teaser

Although I have only finished the 33-Day updates through the end of 2011, below is a graph showing the performance of the VTSMX index and a portfolio we happened to call the Kepler.  This is not the Kepler Portfolio you have seen reviewed monthly, … [Read more]