ETF Rankings: 21 April 2014

The following ETF Rankings includes data from April 21.  The broad market is still quite strong based on the high number of ETFs that are outperforming SHY and all the green we see in the EMA columns.  Enjoy the color as we will not always see so … [Read more]

The High Cost of Fees

High fees are to be avoided, particularly management fees.  Readers of ITA Wealth Management are well aware of my propensity to keep fees to a minimum and that is why I place so much emphasis on using commission free ETFs.  While most of you are … [Read more]

Bach’s St. John Passion

  While Bach is well known for his St. Matthew Passion music, in some ways I prefer his St. John Passion compositions so here is my recommendation for the week.  I usually include a review from Amazon as most reviewers have a better … [Read more]