Major Changes In ETF Rankings

As expected, there were major in the ETF rankings after today's decline, particularly in the number of ETFs now under-performing SHY and the large number of red cells in the 13-Day and 49-Day EMA columns.  There is also "red creep" moving up in the … [Read more]

Feynman Portfolio Study: Part 10-4

In Parts 10-1 to 10-3 of this Study I looked at the impact, on portfolio performance, of applying different asset weight allocations to a  simple momentum strategy that does not include the use of any analytic process to ensure diversity. The … [Read more]

Galileo Review: 31 July 2014

We are in the "Dog Days" of summer and the market is taking a hit this morning.  I suppose the economic news is too good so the market corrects.  Since I pay little attention to investment news, other than the price of a list of ETFs, let's … [Read more]