Euclid Review: 1 August 2014

Here we are, the first day of August and the Euclid is up for review.  No ETFs were bought or sold out of this portfolio during the month of July.  This spring I reduced the number of ETFs in the Euclid and I expect to continue to gradually pull down … [Read more]

Major Changes In ETF Rankings

As expected, there were major in the ETF rankings after today's decline, particularly in the number of ETFs now under-performing SHY and the large number of red cells in the 13-Day and 49-Day EMA columns.  There is also "red creep" moving up in the … [Read more]

Feynman Portfolio Study: Part 10-4

In Parts 10-1 to 10-3 of this Study I looked at the impact, on portfolio performance, of applying different asset weight allocations to a  simple momentum strategy that does not include the use of any analytic process to ensure diversity. The … [Read more]

Galileo Review: 31 July 2014

We are in the "Dog Days" of summer and the market is taking a hit this morning.  I suppose the economic news is too good so the market corrects.  Since I pay little attention to investment news, other than the price of a list of ETFs, let's … [Read more]