ETF Rankings: VEU and IDV Lose Ground

Two international ETFs lost ground over the last few trading days.  Both VEU and IDV are now performing below SHY as Platinum members can see from the rankings table shown below.

ETF Rankings:  Based on the following data we will continue to lower allocations to asset classes such as Commodities (DBC), Gold (GLD), International REITs (RWX), International Bonds (PCY and BWX), Domestic REITs (VNQ), and Emerging Markets (VWO).



  1. Daniel St. John says

    The top three ranked funds are almost 100% correlated over the last 6 months (probably forever). Why do you track all three? Can you make responsible portfolios with just one fund in each of your minimal asset classes rather than trying to track and balance 20+ funds?

    • says


      Yes, it is possible to build a responsible portfolio if VTI is used in place of the “Big Six.” However, there will be times when it makes sense to invest heavier in VBR or VOE – or even VBK. If one does not track those ETFs that information is missing. Finding low correlated ETFs is the major reason for applying the Cluster Weighting Momentum model to a portfolio.

      Watch the development of the Hawking Portfolio as it is built on screening from many more ETFs.